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Portland Retro Gaming Expo


I spent the day at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, showing off One Ship Two Ship Redshift Blueshift.

This was my first time showing the game at a big American venue. It went quite well, despite a game-crashing bug that crept in during a routine update of some backend libraries. One more reason to avoid changing anything unless absolutely necessary.

I spent a little time this week creating a custom build for this event. I added a local leaderboard, adjusted the defaults, and generally tweaked things to force the single-player experience through what I think is the most appropriate difficulty curve. Having finished the day, I can confidently say that this was a waste of time. The two-player experience is vastly superior, and the majority of the players were joined by a friend rather than competing against the AI.

I need to remember this lesson: focus your energy on your strengths, don’t waste time fighting your weaknesses.

Overall the conference was great. I met a ton of local gamers, a handful of developers, and finally got to meet the fine folks of PIGSQUAD. This is exactly the reason I moved to Portland and I couldn’t be happier.

For the Trees

5229-shot0-1450061384-png-eq-900-500Ludum Dare 34. The theme was “Growing”.

I started out making a shooting game set in a forest. At some point I decided to take a different approach, removing the gun in favor of a watering cannon. Instead of killing the forest invaders, you get to tend to the forest yourself, and

I continued to explore a new artistic style, adding a second layer of animation the world by switching between multiple hand-drawn frames rapidly. It’s amazing how quickly this cheap trick can imbue everything in the world with a sense of life, letting things ebb and flow and pulse and breathe. I think I’ll continue down this path and see where it takes me.

Play the game on the original Ludum Dare entry page:

karate kids

Berlin Mini Game Jam April 2015 – take a classic singleplayer game and turn it co-op multiplayer

karate-kidsI’ve been thinking about fighting games lately. I’ve never tried the genre before, so I figured I would see what I could create during the 8-hour Berlin Mini Game Jam.

This game requires 2 gamepads (xb360, ps3, ps4 recommended). Press the XBox/PS button to start the game. Control your movement and aim with the left analog stick, jump with ‘A’ and punch with ‘X’.