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#planejam – Luft Practice

For my second #planejam project, I tried to recreate the most basic gameplay element of LUFTRAUSERS.  I’m calling this one Luft Practice.


A few hours before my flight, I watched Jan Willem Nijman’s wonderful talk “The art of screenshake”.  My intention was to incorporate as many of his concepts as time would allow.

Easier said that done

My flight (SFO->DCA) provided a little over 3 hours of development time.  I managed to complete:

  • flight controls
  • a bullet class and factory
  • background filler via while(repeat)

I did not complete any of these goals:

  • muzzle flash
  • twin guns
  • knock-back physics
  • explosions
  • bullet trail particles

Looking over this list, it’s obvious that I was over scope for a 3-hour jam. Lack of internet access was both a blessing and a curse. I did not have access to any reference materials, but I did avoid most distractions (absolutely crucial in such a time-constrained format).

This project was a lot of fun, and the perfect close to GDC 2014.