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Beat Connection

I created Beat Connection for the Cyberpunk Game Jam March 1-10, 2014.


I’m proud of this one.  I managed to incorporate a lot of ideas and all the latest while(software) frameworks into this entry.

The competition version is presented in-browser, but I believe the game is best enjoyed running fullscreen as a native binary with a decent pair of headphones.  Grab your copy here:

Beat Connection for Windows (.zip)

Beat Connection for Linux x86 (.tgz)

Beat Connection for Linux x86 or x86_64 (.tgz)

Beat Connection for MacOS

Official Jam Entry – (Unity Browser Plugin for MacOS and Winfows) 

Goodbye Grandma Jean

Back in January I created “Goodbye Grandma Jean” for the 2014 Global Game Jam. (Official Global Game Game entry here)


This project is an interactive tribute to my late grandmother, Jean Ferebee Bishop. She devoted her life to her family. I’m proud to be a part of her legacy. In my 32 years, I never heard her utter a single negative word. In this simulation, I’m trying to recreate the experience of visiting her at her home in Bath, NC on the Pamlico sound.

I was particularly happy with the way my new tool, while(repeat), was able to generate procedural geometries to represent the decks/platforms in the game.

You can play the in-browser version of the game here.