Monthly Archives: August 2014

New High Score!

I spent a little time this week spinning up a REST backend that I can share amongst all my projects. This idea is to have a common interface for things like checking for updates, serving up metadata, submitting bug reports, and any other data distribution/persistence needs that might arise. After fighting with Google’s Cloud SDK and a few other offerings, I decided to roll my own solution using the following stack:

  • MongoDB – noSQL backend to store everything
  • Flask – minimalist python framework to manage requests and provide a REST interface
  • nginx, uwsgi, supervisord, etc. – to wrap it all together and keep things running

No project worth doing is worth doing unless it serves a game right away, so I give you “High Score Test”: high-score I don’t think I’ve ever played, much less made, a game with fewer moving parts. Type in your name, click “Play”, and see how well you scored. Click here, or on the image above, to see how you score :)

#Join14 – powpowpowpowpow take 2

I spent the last week expanding on the initial ideas from powpowpowpowpow in preparation for the inaugural Local Multiplayer Summit, aka #Join14, organized by Lorenzo Pilia and Sjors Houkes.


My goal was to get the game into a showable state, something that players could pick up and enjoy without any instruction. To that end, we now have:

  • Support for 2-4 players
  • 8-way aiming
  • lot of flying box particles and color
  • A wider level layout and the removal of the “fall through” mechanic

The organizers were kind enough to give me some space to set up the demo just a few meters from the reception desk (and directly opposite the in-house coffee bar), ensuring plenty of visibility and traffic. I got a lot of good feedback and met many new friends.

Updated builds are available now

MacOS Download – 19 Mb (.zip)
Linux Download (32 and 64-bit support) – 21 Mb (.tgz)
Windows 32-bit Download – 9.9Mb (.zip)
Windows 64-bit Download – 11Mb (.zip)

Also, I love Berlin.