karate kids

Berlin Mini Game Jam April 2015 – take a classic singleplayer game and turn it co-op multiplayer

karate-kidsI’ve been thinking about fighting games lately. I’ve never tried the genre before, so I figured I would see what I could create during the 8-hour Berlin Mini Game Jam.

This game requires 2 gamepads (xb360, ps3, ps4 recommended). Press the XBox/PS button to start the game. Control your movement and aim with the left analog stick, jump with ‘A’ and punch with ‘X’.


battle star

Ludum Dare 32: An Unconventional Weapon

battlestarThe game is played entirely with a mouse (or laptop touchpad). When accelerating your mouse across the screen, you release the “battle star” in an orbit around the sun, dealing deadly blows to any creepy red planets that are trying to crowd the night’s sky.

My best score is 53.

Original Ludum Dare entry page

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